Birchfield Community School



At Birchfield School, we strive to achieve the highest standard for all children entrusted to our care whilst ensuring that they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to support their future learning. We believe that Reading is a complex skill with many components and therefore have adopted a consistent approach to the teaching of these skills throughout the school. We believe that Reading is a valuable and rewarding experience and that the importance of laying a firm foundation in this crucial area will enable our children to become enthusiastic, independent, and reflective readers. Success in Reading at Birchfield School will have a direct impact upon progress in all other areas of the curriculum and will be crucial in developing our children socially and academically, both during their time at Birchfield School and in their future lives.

Aims and objectives:
• To deliver a structured and consistent whole school approach to Reading
• To develop a range of reading strategies and skills: fluency, accuracy, understanding and response to different texts
• To understand the sound and spelling system and use this to read and spell accurately
• To rigorously monitor and assess children’s progress in Reading and identify those who require extra support and intervene at an early stage
• To develop a love of books and reading
• To create a whole school reading culture through a language rich environment within classrooms and the wider school environment
• To develop the knowledge of different authors, poets and illustrators
• To use conventions of library organization and ICT systems to access texts and locate information
• To recognize the value of parents/ carers as essential components to supporting and developing reading skills and love of reading.

Teachers are given clear guidance on approaches to secure conceptual understanding, sequential knowledge development and progression in lessons, through effective CPD, planning and in class support.