Birchfield Community School


Equality Objectives

Equality Objectives Jan 2018 – Jan 2021

The Equality Act 2010 requires us to publish specific and measurable equality objectives. Our equality objectives are
based on our analysis of data and other information. Our equality objectives focus on those areas where we have
agreed to take action to improve equality and tackle disadvantages. We will regularly review the progress we are
making to meet our equality objectives.

Our Equality Objectives are:

  • To monitor and analyse pupil achievement by race, gender and disability and act on any trends or patterns in the data that require additional support for pupils.
  • To continually consider how the school ensures equality of opportunities for all its pupils.
  • To raise levels of attainment in core subjects for vulnerable learners.
  • To promote pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through appropriate curricular opportunities, with particular emphasis on promoting equality and diversity.
  • To ensure that the staff and Governing Body are aware of current legislation surrounding Equality, Diversity and Disability and their responsibilities.
  • To develop pupil understanding of tolerance and respect for others through the promotion of British values.