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Spring 2.2 (Enquiry question-Who lives under the sea?)

Shaun the shy shark

How Billy duck learnt to swim

Hooray fish

Summer 1 (Enquiry question-Shall we go on a farm adventure?)

Famer duck- C Beebies story time 

Farm 123

Oh Dear

Summer 2 (Enquiry question- How do we get there?)

Aliens love underpants

Peace at last- C Beebies storytime

The train ride

The naughty bus

Week 1

Looking at living things (Pets and mini-beast). How do we take care of living things ?

Learning about changes. When I was a baby I could …………., Now I can ……………, When I grow older I would like to be a ……………………

Phonics: Revisit s, a, t, p, i, n

Mathematics: Numbers 1-5, 1-10

Week 2

Discuss different emotions, happy, sad, angry, scared

Cooking animal shaped biscuits – Discussing change

Phonics: Revisit m, d, g

Mathematics: Positional language (On, in, under, behind)

Week 3

Animal nursery rhymes (Old Macdonald had a farm)

Reading familiar stories with your child 

Phonics: o, c, k

Mathematics: Shapes (What shapes can we see at home? Children to identify shapes in the home)

Week 4

Animal sounds (What sound does a dog/cat, horse make)

Phonics: ck, e, u

Mathematics: Counting claps, footsteps, stamping our feet

Week 5

Making a farm scene picture using different colours and materials (Boxes, newspaper, card)

Phonics: r, h, b

Mathematics: Heavy and light (Different things in the home that are heavy and light)

Week 6

Reading fiction and non- fiction books with your child (Talking about the pictures using sentences)

Phonics: f, ff, l

Mathematics: Number 1- 10 (What numbers can you recognise ?, What number is on your front door ?) 

Week 7

Describing the texture of different materials (Soft, hard, bumpy, rough)

Making a healthy sandwich for farmer duck

Phonics: ll, ss, 

Mathematics: One more (What is one more that 5 ?)

Week 8

Clapping out a rhythm to familiar action songs (Wind the bobbin up, Happy and you know it)

Drawing and writing about different farm animals 

Phonics: j

Mathematics: Big, medium and small (Can you find something big, medium and small)

Week 9

Learning about people who helps us (A doctor, nurse, teacher)

Drawing/Painting pictures of people who help us

Phonics: w

Mathematics:  One less (What is one less than 6?)

Week 10

Transport- How do you travel to school, to the beach, to a different country, to the moon?

Where would you like to go on holiday?? 

Making transport models (Car, rocket, boat)

Phonics: x

Mathematics: Counting claps, footsteps, stamping our feet

Week 11

Discuss different emotions, happy, sad, angry, scared. Can you draw a happy/sad/angry face?

Bubble painting- Using a straw paint and washing up liquid. Learning about mixing different colours.

Phonics: y

Mathematics: Positional language (On, in, under, behind)

Week 12

Discussing moving from nursery to reception (How will it be different?)

Drawing a picture of yourself for your new teacher

Making ice lollies (Talking about the changes when making the ice lollies)

Phonics: x

Mathematics - 2D and 3D Shapes (What everyday shapes can we see at home? Talking about the properties of different shapes e.g A circle is round, a cylinder can roll )