Academy Committee

 Name  Position  Connections to Staff  Appointed  Term of Office Other Posts Held Business Interests Declared
 Mrs Zoe Thewlis  Head of School  None  07.01.2019   None None
 Mrs Yasmeen Malik  Deputy Head  None  07.01.2019   None None
 Mr Altaf Kazi  Appointed  None  10.12.2019  09.12.2023 HF academy committee Director at Altaf Kazi Consulting
 Ash Ahmed  Appointed  None  01.09.2020  31.08.2024 None Sole Proprieter of ASL Soliciotors & Advocates Law Firm May 2000
 Jay Patel  Appointed   None  01.09.2020  31.08.2024 None None
 Zachary Barker-Williams  Appointed   None  24.09.2020  23.09.2024 None None
 Mr Anwar Karim  Appointed / Parent  None  07.01.2019   01.09.2020 Heathfield Primary School academy committee  Director of Karim   Supermarket, Lozells First
 Mrs Naila Tabassam  Appointed / Parent  None  07.01.2019  01.09.2020 Heathfield Primary School academy committee Trustee of BEEAS
 Cllr Waseem Zaffar  Co opted  None  07.01.2019  01.09.2020 Heathfield Primary School academy committee  Councillor & Cabinet member at BCC, 
Non Exec Director at Sandwell and West Bham NHS, 
Trust and Director at Midlandsa Community Solutions CIC, 
West Side BID, Bham International Airport, Simmer Down CIC, 
West Mids Bus Alliance, 
West Mids Canal and Rivers Trust Regional Board, 
Trents Floos Committee, Your Trust Charity, 
The Labour Party, Unite the Union and GMB Trade Union