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Villa Community Champion to lead partnership with local schools

The Aston Villa Foundation are delighted to announce an innovative new partnership with the Prince Albert Community Trust (PACT) that will transform the delivery of physical activity in a number of Birmingham schools.

The Foundation will be employing a Villa Community Champion in collaboration with PACT whose role will be to deliver Aston Villa Foundation programmes in their schools.

The full-time role, which will be based in the schools themselves, will help to ensure that the club have a presence at the heart of education in the city, putting the Foundation in the best possible position to impact positive change on students.

Manager of Foundation and Community Partnerships, Andy Taylor, believes the link with PACT will aid the Foundation’s attempts to have a greater impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of school children in the local community.  

He said: “We’re delighted to build on our existing primary school programmes with this new model, which allows greater focused engagement. We will be working very closely with the schools to measure the positive impact of the engagement over the course of the year. 

“This representation within the schools also allows exit routes through our wider family interventions such as holiday activity, employability and health-based projects as we work to develop a family approach, starting in the schools.”

The Villa Community Champion will aim to deliver projects and interventions that help raise attendance, empower pupils, improve students’ health and wellbeing and increase inclusive activities, among other objectives, in PACT schools.

PACT is responsible for four primary schools in Birmingham – Heathfield Primary School, Highfield J&I School, Birchfield Community School and Prince Albert Primary School – and CEO Sajid Gulzar is excited about the opportunities the partnership presents.

He said: “As an AVFC Hub school we will adopt a collaborative delivery approach to ensure that our staff, pupils and their families benefit from skilled expertise and additional resources. The aim is to enable our pupils to excel both in and outside of the classroom. “

We are extremely excited about the partnership and how it can serve our communities. We hope that the collaboration will benefit our children across PACT for many years to come.”


Year 3 Meals

Dear Parents

As you may/may not be aware that universal free school meals are only available for Reception – Year 2 therefore because your child will be moving up to year 3 in September we require extra information to ensure all meal options are correct. 

If you are entitled to free schools meal you will need to bring in proof/complete form attached or simply provide the school with your (parent/s) National Insurance Number and Date of Birth in order for us to check on the Free School Meal Check.  Proof must be provided in order for your child to receive free school meals. If you wish for your child to have packed lunch you will need to notify the office.

**Please note you will be charged for meals if you haven’t provided proof of entitlement to free school meals**

All proof needs to be handed into the main school office by Friday 1stJune 2018

Kind Regards

Admin Team

Ofsted Special Measures Monitoring Inspection (March 2018)

A special measures monitoring inspection took place in March 2018.  The inspection was the first monitoring inspection since the school became subject to special measures following the inspection that took place in June 2017.

Having considered all the evidence, it is the opinion of Ann Pritchard HMI, that at this time:
- leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures;
- the local authority’s statement of action is fit for purpose;
- the school’s improvement plan is fit for purpose; and
- the school may appoint newly qualified teachers before the next monitoring inspection.

Read the full March 2018 Ofsted monitoring inspection letter

Proposed conversion to Academy Status

Dear parent/carer,

Proposed Conversion to Academy Status 

As you may already be aware the previous Governing Body of Birchfield Community School were issued with a Directive Academy Order by the Secretary of State requiring it to become an Academy and is proposing to join The Prince Albert Community Trust. Further information about what becoming an academy means is set out below.

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Public Health - MMR Vaccination for Measles

Public Health message: Birmingham measles cases prompt MMR vaccination call

People in Birmingham are being encouraged to check that they, their children and teenagers have had two doses of MMR vaccine following confirmation of cases of measles within the city.

Public Health England (PHE) West Midlands is working with Birmingham City Council and local NHS partners to make sure that anyone in the city who needs an MMR vaccination is aware, following confirmed cases of measles in children in Birmingham. Most of the recent cases had not received the required two doses of MMR vaccine.

If children and young adults have missed these vaccinations in the past, it’s important to take up the vaccine now from GPs, particularly in light of the recent cases in Birmingham.

Parents should check their child’s Red Book to see if they’ve received MMR vaccinations as scheduled, or check with their GP surgery if they are unsure.

Measles symptoms to be aware of include:

• high fever

• sore, red, watery eyes

• coughing

• aching and feeling generally unwell

• a blotchy red brown rash, which usually appears after the initial symptoms.


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Mr Gulzar's Welcome

I was born, and have grown up in inner city Birmingham. As a child I attended Highfield Junior & Infant School, a large Victorian built primary school in the Saltley area of the city. I was delighted when Highfield joined our family of schools, becoming the third member of the Prince Albert Community Trust (PACT). My parents were first generation immigrants from Pakistan and from a very early age instilled in me the value and transformational power of education, a journey that I began at Highfield in 1978 as a four year old who spoke no English.
My background and experiences give me a unique insight into the communities I currently serve as Executive Headteacher and CEO of PACT. There are more than 2000 children at the 3 schools and I have the same high expectations for all of them. We understand that from time to time some of our children and families experience very challenging circumstances, we are clear in our belief however that there is no excuse for underachievement and that regardless of their situation; all of our pupils will fulfil their potential.
As educators and those responsible for building the foundations for future educational success for our children, we believe that everything that happens in the school, has to be good enough for our own children if we are to accept it as good enough for the pupils that we serve. I insist that all staff have to buy into this philosophy.
This message has been embraced by the staff and as a result; Prince Albert School has achieved national recognition for the high quality education it provides and improvements made over the last few years. At Heathfield, my Senior Leadership Team, supported by a dedicated team of staff has overseen rapid improvement in a short space of time followed by a period of stability and consolidation. At Highfield we have continued to make significant improvements in the quality of teaching and learning and I am confident that all of our schools will be excellent institutions that I would be proud to send my own children to.
I am looking forward to Birchfield Community School joining the PACT family in the near future. The pupils, staff and parents of Birchfield have extended a very warm welcome to my PACT colleagues and myself and we are all excited about working together to improve the school.
I lead a highly committed and talented group of people who go above and beyond on a daily basis in order to ensure that our pupils get the most out of their primary school education. We value highly and invest heavily in staff development in order that we have the very best people working with our children.
For many of our pupils, as it was for me, growing up in inner city Birmingham, this is their one chance to secure a future for themselves and their families. The gravity of our responsibility must never be underestimated.