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Arts fortnight

Dear Parents/Carers,

Monday 3rdJune 2019 will be the start of Arts fortnight across the PACT. This is an opportunity to celebrate the Arts and at Birchfield,we would really like to get all the parents involved in this. We would like to invite you to an Arts workshop where you will work with your child to complete a piece of artworktogether. We feel this would be a fantastic opportunity for you to spend some time with your child in school and to support them. 

The workshops will take place at the following times and last for approximately 1hr


Wednesday 12thJune am 9 am- pm 12.45pm                      


Friday 7thJune start at 9 am

Year 1

Monday 3rdJune Start at 9 am

Year 2

Monday 3rdJune – Start at 2 pm

Year 3

Tuesday 11thJune – Start at 9 am

Year 4

Wednesday 12thJune – Start at 2 pm

Year 5

Thursday 13thJune – Start at 9 am

Year 6 

Friday 14thJune – Start at 9 am

These workshops will take part in the school hall. If you require any further information then please speak to your child’s class teacher. 

We can’t wait to see the masterpieces. 

Thank you

Mrs A Turner